✨ further resources – coming soon ✨


Many additional resources are mentioned in the book. Once the book goes on presale, you will find them all here!

mindful technology worksheet

coming soon — Based on the work we do at Mindful Technology, my consulting agency, this worksheets teachers you everything you need to know to do a hard reset on your own relationship with technology. 

personal mission statement worksheet

coming soon — No one knows you – your goals, passions, dreams, and priorities – better than you. This worksheet will help you write a personal mission statement to help guide you through your own life. Having a personal mission statement helps you to pave the path you want to follow, as well as to ease decisions along the way. 

liza's personal mission statement

coming soon — A personal mission statement will change over time, as your goals and life circumstances change. Just for readers, I am sharing my own current guidelines that help shape my life. Maybe it will spark something for you! 

books that have changed my life

coming soon — I read voraciously. Knowledge isn't the same thing as wisdom, but it is, as they say, power. I've compiled a list of the books that have shaped who I am today, which I am so excited to share with you.

guided meditations

coming soon — Several guided meditations to help you deepen your practice, whether you are completely new to meditation, or an experienced practitioner. My meditations are cheeky, loving, and very accessible. 

loving-kindness meditation

coming soon — Loving-kindness is a specific type of meditation; it's often the right choice when we have heartache or heartbreak, and want to send some love out into the world (and to ourselves.) 

body scan meditation

coming soon — Body scans are a grounding practice that helps you to be present in your beautiful body, and to learn to check in and to care for your own needs. 

further resources

coming soon — Much more is on it's way! 


coming soon — Hey, nobody is perfect, and no book is either! 😉 Here you'll find updated info, corrected mistakes, and people that I might have forgotten to thank.