Reverend Liza Kindred


Hey new friends! I'm Liza Kindred. I speak globally but I meditate locally. 

I'm the founder of Mindful Technology, an agency that helps companies build tech that values humans more than machines. 

I created EFF THIS! Meditation to teach meditation to people who are busy, annoyed, or just plain over it. 

I've been a reverend in the Universal Life Church for 15 years, a student of Buddhism for ten years, and a reiki practitioner for three years. I live in NYC with my awesome family but am on the road speaking and chasing the sun for much of the year. 

I wrote EFF THIS! as a way of sharing my hard-won knowledge about practical ways to stay sane in an increasingly chaotic world. As I say in the book: you deserve to feel good! And this book can help. 

Read more about me here.

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