EFF THIS! 108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You're Stressed Out, Anxious, and Overwhelmed

The world is crazy.  You are not. This book can help!


Have a minute? or an hour? organized by time 

Arranged by the amount of time you have available, this book can help is less than a minute – but it's also full of ideas for when you have longer, from #selfcareSundays to setting yourself up for long term success. Busy people, this one is for you!


MY own hand-drawn illustrations

My personal touches are all over the book, from intimate anecdotes to my hand-drawn illustrations. I'm not an artist, but I did want to demonstrate that creativity can be low pressure and fun. 


full of kindness + love 

My number one rule is this: the most important thing, at any time, is to be gentle with yourself. The world is full of self-loathing masquerading as self-care, and you will find none of that here. This book is all about feeling good, not becoming a "better" person. (Because you are already enough!)