Are you stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed? Me, too! 

Inside this book are 108 tips, tricks, and ideas: practical, actionable, and often zero-cost ways to feel more grounded, less stressed, and maybe even a tiny bit more at peace with yourself.

If the world is making you feel crazy, know this: you are not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. But there *are* things you can to to help yourself to feel better. 

I’ve spent a lifetime learning how to care for my body, mind, and soul–and with this book, I’m giving you a variety of specific, time-tested tools to help you grow your own health and happiness, starting today.


About the book

EFF THIS! is a practical guidebook for staying sane in the modern age. It is packed with 108 steps to take on your own unique path towards inner peace. 

Organized by time, the book offers techniques ranging from one minute to an entire weekend. Get grounded, let the shit go, and take good care. This book will show you precisely how. 

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Author Liza Kindred is a global speaker, the founder of Mindful Technology, and the creator of EFF THIS! Meditation

Her journey through chronic illness, and as the mother of a teenager, led her to want to share everything she's learned about coping – grounding, centering, and calming the eff down. 

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Further resources from the book

But wait, there's more! ... as they say. The book offers a ton of ideas and resources, and this website offers even more. 

Expect downloadable guided meditations, information about how to use technology more mindfully, inspiration and guidance about writing your own mission statement and much, much more. 

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Liza Kindred

Author + speaker Liza Kindred is the founder of Mindful Technology, the creator of EFF THIS! Meditation, and an easily-annoyed New Yorker.


The most important thing, at any time, is to be gentle with yourself.

— "EFF THIS!" book